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Connect Smart Resources


  1. Online quiz - How Cyber Smart are you?
  2. Online Glossary – Connect Smart Jargon Buster (Download PDF 261 KB)
  3. Colmar Brunton Connect Smart Research 2016 (Download PDF 1.2 MB) 
  4. Security Awareness Implementation Guide (Downlaod PDF 152 KB)

Tip sheets

  1. Connect Smart Week 2016 – Introduction (Download PDF 672 KB)
  2. Tip Sheet – Connect Smart Resources (Download PDF 917 KB)
  3. Tip Sheet – How to start a workplace conversation (Download PDF 1.03 MB)
  4. Tip Sheet – Running a Connect Smart campaign at work (Download PDF 475 KB)
  5. Tip Sheet – Phishing (Download PDF 519 KB)
  6. Tip Sheet – Ransomware (Download PDF 571 KB)
  7. Tip Sheet – Passwords (Download PDF 167 KB) 

Case study

  1. Case Study – Contact Energy and Connect Smart (Download PDF 836 KB)


  1. Prime Minister John Key cyber security advice – Video on Facebook
  2. Communications Minister Amy Adams cyber security advice – Video on Facebook
  3. Minister of Internal Affairs Peter Dunne cyber security advice – Video on Facebook
  4. New Zealand Police ransomware awareness – Oct 2016 Video on Facebook
  5. New Zealand Police phishing awareness – Oct 2016 Video on Facebook
  6. New Zealand Police phishing – May 2017 Video on Facebook
  7. Prime Minister John Key speech to Cyber Security Summit – Video on YouTube
  8. Minister for Communications Amy Adams address to Cyber Security Summit – Video on YouTube
  9. Jim Lewis, Senior Vice President and Program Director, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) speech to Cyber Security Summit – Video on YouTube
  10. Matt Thomlinson, Microsoft: Security, Assurance, Resilience – Cyber Security Summit 2016 – Video on YouTube
  11. Richard Bejtlich, FireEye: You've Been Hacked! – Cyber Security Summit – Video on YouTube
  12. Richard Bejtlich, FireEye: Hacking and Defence – Cyber Security Summit – Video on YouTube
  13. Richard Bejtlich, FireEye: Questions to ask your IT provider – Cyber Security Summit – Video on YouTube


  1. What's at stake for New Zealand? (Download PDF 104 KB)
  2. International (Download PDF 81.7 KB)
  3. Ransomware (Download PDF 118 LB)
  4. Phishing/Suspicious Email (Download PDF 140 KB)
  5. Think before you click (Download PDF 306 KB)
  6. Cyber Security Myths and Q&As (Download images (zip file))

The Connect Smart for Business: SME Toolkit

Developed by Connect Smart's panel of cyber security experts, this toolkit provides simple tips and templates outlining how to protect your business online. Download a copy.


Connect Smart Week 2016 Posters

  1. Connect Smart Week Poster – 1 (Download PDF 455 KB)
  2. Connect Smart Week Poster – 2 (Download PDF 45.6 KB)
  3. Connect Smart Week Poster – 3 (Download PDF 1.51 MB)
  4. Connect Smart Week Poster – 4 (Download PDF 53.9 KB)


Stay Smart Online

Australia’s Stay Smart Online website also has a number of free fact sheets and resources that are relevant to New Zealand, including a free small businesses self-assessment tool.



Australian Signals Directorate (ASD): Essential Eight

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has developed prioritised mitigation strategies to help technical cyber security professionals mitigate cyber security incidents. The “Essential Eight” mitigation strategies incorporates the “Top 4” mitigations. Correct implementation of these eight mitigations provides a cyber security baseline for organisations. Essential Eight PDF is avaliable here.




Internet NZ, in conjunction with Google, has also developed .DigitalJourney. This is an online hub to assist businesses gain an understanding of the opportunities online technologies offer. It provides useful self-assessment tools to better understand the digital capabilities of your business, and develop customised digital action plans.



Facebook tips for Small Businesses

Many businesses opt to set up a social media site such as a Facebook page instead of, or prior to, investing in the development of a full website. There are additional considerations that businesses need to be aware of when connecting with their communities via social media and Facebook has developed a set of 'Security Tips for Small Businesses on Facebook' to help. Download the PDF.



FMA: Avoid Scams

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) have a number of sections on their website on Avoiding Scams; Steps to Protect Yourself and Types of Scams, which includes advice, warning signs and how to spot scams.



Metropolitan Police UK – The Little Book of Big Scams

Covering Identity and Holiday Fraud as well as Identity Scams, Online Dating & Romance Scams – the Metropolitan Police UK guide provides excellent tips on what to watch out for online. Download the PDF.