How Cyber Smart are you?


Question 1

What is Phishing?

Question 2

At work, you receive an email which contains a link or an attachment. It is from someone you do not know. What should you do?

Question 3

How can you identify if a website or link might be secure?

Question 4

What type of malware results in your data or accounts being locked until you pay the hacker?

Question 5

Which of these passwords is most secure?

Question 6

You receive an email from Money Bank asking you to log in to their website. You hover over the link to check the details of the website.  Which website is most likely to be legitimate?

Question 7

Why should you update or “patch” your software or applications on your mobile phone and computer as soon as prompted?

Question 8

What is the only thing you should consider doing using public wifi?

Question 9

A login which requires both a password/username and something else (e.g. a phone or a token that has gone through a registration process and been identified as a “trusted” factor) is called what?

Question 10

Which of the following practices could lead to a cyber security incident at work?

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