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Associate Professor Ryan Ko – University of Waikato | 31 August 2017

Turning the Tide with Cyber Toolmakers (a.k.a. computer scientists)

Think about this: A unique malware is created every half a second[1], but it takes companies on average 100-120 days to patch critical vunerabilities[2]. Some may say that the crux of the cyber security problem is skills shortage, while others lament the rigidity of corporations versus the abilities...

David Eaton - Cyber Security Consultant and Chair of the Cyber Security Skills Taskforce | 31 August 2017

Growing the Pipeline of Cyber Security Talent

The market reality        According to most estimates, the demand for cybersecurity workers far exceeds supply. Evidence from the Centre for Cyber Safety and Education (formerly the ISC2) Global Information Security Workforce study in 2015 which surveyed over 14,000 global organisations, estimated ...

03 August 2017

NZ and Australian businesses send cyber delegation to Israel

  One of the most important parts of heading away to visit and learn from another country is that you tend to learn more about your own country in doing so.   Israel is impressive in many ways: its cyber security firms lead the world, and are some of the largest in the world (such as Check Point). B...

Craig Dore, Senior Identity Architect, Asia Pacific, RSA | 29 June 2017

The Security Challenges of Mobility – RSA

RSA Logo Red

In today’s business environment, there’s a rapid shift that has been underway for the last decade, one which embraces two themes: the shift to cloud and the shift to mobility. These two themes provide clear value when applied to corporate IT.

Kevin Wu, Principal Security Consultant, Quantum Security | 29 June 2017

The Mobile Movement – Quantum Security

Quantum security logo

Mobile devices have increasingly become an essential part of our everyday lives. Our phones are no longer just a device for making calls or sending text messages. We rely on them for wider communication, transaction, navigation, media, Internet, lifestyle applications and more. Quantum Security

Chris Chong – SafeStack | 26 May 2017

Catch a Phish – Safestack

SafeStack image

Phishing attacks continue to evolve and are becoming more complex, sophisticated and harder to detect. Attacks are also increasingly targeted at individuals and organisations with the intent of not only accessing your data and/or stealing your money, but also infecting your systems with malware.

Peter Plowman, Senior Manager, Fraud and Security and Nick Tucker, IT Risk and Security | 26 May 2017

Educating employees through ethical phishing – Kiwibank

Kiwibank logo

Phishing can serve a purpose and be used for good. That is what Peter Plowman and Nick Tucker from Kiwibank suggest when phishing is used as part of an educational exercise within organisations.

Ryan Ko, Associate Professor within the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, University of Waikato | 26 May 2017

Interview with Ryan Ko – University of Waikato

Ryan Ko is an Associate Professor within the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Waikato. Ryan is also the Director of the New Zealand Institute for Security and Crime Science, and Head of the Cyber Security Lab. He is a member of the Cyber Security Skills Taskforce,

Stay Smart Online | 05 May 2017

ALERT PRIORITY HIGH: Google Docs Phishing Scam

Stay Smart Online alert service banner2

Users are warned to be aware of a reported phishing scam involving a fake invitation to share a Google Docs document.

Philip Whitmore, Partner – Cyber Security, KPMG | 28 April 2017

From cyber-weary to cyber-energised – KPMG


There’s a rising chorus of “cyber fatigue” permeating New Zealand organisations, as cyber security is starting to become understandably tiresome. This phenomenon arises at a time when avoiding negative PR is paramount for success. As IT professionals concede that a breach is no longer a matter of “i

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