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Stay Smart Online | 14 January 2016

ALERT: Software providers update products to address security flaws

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Software providers including Microsoft, Adobe, Apple and Mozilla have released updates to address vulnerabilities in their widely used products. Microsoft has issued its January 2016 Security Bulletin summarising bulletins released for the month. These bulletins advised of ni...

Stay Smart Online | 12 January 2016

ALERT: Scammers using CEO addresses to rip off companies

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Scammers are reportedly claiming to be corporate CEOs in email scams designed to steal up to hundreds of thousands of dollars from targeted companies. Stay Smart Online has received a report that scammers misrepresenting themselves as corporate CEOs are sending fake emails to...

Stay Smart Online | 18 December 2015

ALERT: Protect social media with two-factor authentication

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Recent reports claim Twitter is warning certain users they may have been targeted by state-sponsored attacks that attempt to extract details such as email addresses and phone numbers.  While the number of users reportedly involved is quite small, the issue serves as a reminder that users and busines...

Stay Smart Online | 16 December 2015

ALERT: Small businesses are warned to be aware of new ransomware techniques

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Online criminals are using new, more malicious techniques to pressure victims of information theft to pay a ransom to unlock illegally encrypted computer files. Malicious software, that can lock your files using encryption (known as ransomware), can inadvertently be installed on your computer by cl...

10 December 2015

Public-Private partnership to build for cyber secure NZ

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An increased emphasis on working with the private sector and expanded Connect Smart public-private partnership are key components of New Zealand’s refreshed Cyber Security Strategy, launched by Minister Amy Adams this evening.

National Cyber Security Centre | 03 December 2015

ALERT: Exploit Kit Activity in New Zealand


The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) advises that it is noting an increase in attacks employing a variety of known Exploit Kits which have infected websites in New Zealand.

Peter Plowman, Senior Manager, Financial Crime, ANZ | 02 December 2015

Criminals and victims – changing our perspective on cyber crime

ANZ Thinker

Peter Plowman, Senior Manager, Financial Crime from ANZ talks about why he doesn't like the word 'fraudster', or 'cybercriminal' – and how these should really be called something more sinister.

Stay Smart Online | 18 November 2015

ALERT: Chrome updates available to fix vulnerabilities

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Google has released updates for Chrome and Chrome OS. These updates fix several vulnerabilities present in versions earlier than 46.0.2490.86 for Windows, Mac and Linux, and 46.0.2490.82 for all OS devices. One of the vulnerabilities addressed is an information leakage bug in Chrome’s built-in PDF ...

Stay Smart Online | 12 November 2015

ALERT: Install the latest Microsoft security updates

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Microsoft has released updates that address critical vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer and other products. The vendor has also released a report containing information on each of the updates. The November release includes four updates that Microsoft rates as ‘critical’, and eight update...

Debbie Street, Director – Operations and Marketing, International Underwriting Agencies | 30 October 2015

The three Rs to protect your company against cyber attack

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The last thing any business needs or wants is to be the victim of a cyber attack. The time, resource and cost of responding to an attack can be considerable. Without the correct protection in place, these costs will come straight off a business bottom line. As a Connect Smart Silver partner

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