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Peter Plowman, Senior Manager, Financial Crime, ANZ | 02 December 2015

Criminals and victims – changing our perspective on cyber crime

ANZ Thinker

Peter Plowman, Senior Manager, Financial Crime from ANZ talks about why he doesn't like the word 'fraudster', or 'cybercriminal' – and how these should really be called something more sinister.

Stay Smart Online | 18 November 2015

ALERT: Chrome updates available to fix vulnerabilities

Stay Smart Online alert service banner
Google has released updates for Chrome and Chrome OS. These updates fix several vulnerabilities present in versions earlier than 46.0.2490.86 for Windows, Mac and Linux, and 46.0.2490.82 for all OS devices. One of the vulnerabilities addressed is an information leakage bug in Chrome’s built-in PDF ...

Stay Smart Online | 12 November 2015

ALERT: Install the latest Microsoft security updates

Stay Smart Online alert service banner
Microsoft has released updates that address critical vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer and other products. The vendor has also released a report containing information on each of the updates. The November release includes four updates that Microsoft rates as ‘critical’, and eight update...

Debbie Street, Director – Operations and Marketing, International Underwriting Agencies | 30 October 2015

The three Rs to protect your company against cyber attack

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The last thing any business needs or wants is to be the victim of a cyber attack. The time, resource and cost of responding to an attack can be considerable. Without the correct protection in place, these costs will come straight off a business bottom line. As a Connect Smart Silver partner

Martin Cocker, Executive Director, NetSafe | 30 October 2015

Fraud Awareness Week – NetSafe

netsafe logo

NetSafe exists to promote confident, safe, and responsible use of online technologies. First established in 1998 as the Internet Safety Group, it became NetSafe in 2006 and has continued to evolve alongside online threats.

01 October 2015

Advice for Elderly Internet Users

International Day of Older Persons

Today is the UN International Day of Older Persons. The internet has lots of positive aspects for people of all ages, like keeping in contact with friends and relatives, finding out information and booking holidays. Non-digital natives need to be wary and protect themselves when they are online.

28 September 2015

Cyber Security Challenge – Waikato

Cybersecurity Challenge Waikato University 18 September 2016

Connect Smart supported the Cyber Security Challenge at Waikato University on 17 - 18 September. Paul Ash spoke to the Waikato Times about how important it is to work with partners such as Waikato University to improve New Zealand cybersecurity and put bright young minds on the case.

Tim Henwood, Senior Policy Adviser (Technology), Office of the Privacy Commissioner | 24 September 2015

My Grandfather’s Axe of InfoSec – Privacy Commissioner

Privacy Commissioner newsletter image

Privacy is about control. It’s about exercising and preserving control in the face of rapid technological change. We’re surrounded by an ever-increasing number of sensors and generating a digital exhaust like never before. We’ve got computing capacity coming out our ears, and bottomless lakes to kee

Emily Wang, Principal Architect, Mobile Innovation, Datacom | 24 September 2015

My mobile devices have been stolen – now what? – Datacom

Emily Wang Datacom Newsletter

My house was robbed recently. One laptop and two tablets were stolen.
My colleagues thought I was too calm about the situation. I was calm because I have insurance, but more importantly I knew the information on the devices was relatively secure and backed up. Here are the precautionary measures

17 September 2015

New Zealand Cyber Security Challenge

waikato cyber security challenge

The Cyber Security Researchers of Waikato (CROW) and Computer Science Student Society (CS3) are organizing a cyber security challenge at the University of Waikato between 17 - 18 September.

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