ALERT: Firefox update fixes several critical vulnerabilities

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Mozilla has released updates to its Firefox web browser to address several critical issues. The updated versions address vulnerabilities in Firefox 44 and earlier, and Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) version 38.6.

One of these vulnerabilities allows attackers to create and send a malicious file to a user’s computer. This allows the attacker to execute code on that device.

A second vulnerability can be used to crash a computer and give attackers access to the machine during that process.

If you use Firefox, or have it installed on your computer, you should ensure that updates are automated, and applied as soon as they are available. Mozilla has instructions on how to install updates for Firefox.

Firefox ESR is designed for educational institutions, governments and businesses, while Firefox is aimed at individual users.

Stay Smart Online recommends that you automate updates to all software on your computer, and when asked, apply updates as soon as they are available.


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