ALERT: Install the latest Microsoft security updates

Stay Smart Online

Microsoft has released updates that address critical vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer and other products. The vendor has also released a report containing information on each of the updates.

The November release includes four updates that Microsoft rates as ‘critical’, and eight updates the vendor rates as ‘important’.

The updates include a fix for a vulnerability in Microsoft Office that allows an attacker to execute code on the victim's computer by tricking them into opening a specially crafted Word document or other file.

Such an attack could have severe consequences if a user with administrator privileges opens the file. The attacker could acquire the same privileges to take over the compromised computer, enabling them to steal information or undertake other unwanted activities.

Stay Smart Online strongly recommends that you update your Microsoft products as soon as possible, and has provided instructions for automating these updates.

Microsoft typically releases updates for its major products on the second Tuesday of each month. Stay Smart Online recommends administrators of Microsoft products in businesses check that their systems are being updated each month.