Release of report from the 2017 cyber security delegation to Israel

Isaac Holliss

Today we’re proud to release the report-back from the New Zealand and Australian cyber security delegation to Israel. The report, ‘Becoming a trust superpower’, lays out the lessons the delegation took from the visit and the people and businesses they met. Most importantly it contains the combined thoughts and ideas and questions that the delegation developed during and after the visit itself about how to build New Zealand’s cyber security ecosystem.

The suggestions, recommendations or ideas contained in the report are the result of debrief sessions held by delegation members during the trip and since returning. During the debrief processes no ideas were vetoed or rejected and all of them are represented here in order to provoke thought, discussion and feedback. Although they were subsequently considered as the five major themes were developed, not all the ideas are reflected in those themes. However, they are offered in the final section of the report as some of the initial reflections of those who visited Israel. As such, they do not represent formal proposals, views or policy of Connect Smart or the NZ Government, or indeed any member of the delegation.

Have a read if you’re interested in being a part of growing New Zealand’s cyber security ecosystem! Read it here

For a screen reader version of the report, click here.