Protecting your school

Reviewing or establishing your school's cyber safety practices is easy. It’s not complicated or expensive. Taking proactive steps now will ensure that you can improve your school's cyber security.

Schools receive government funding for internet security services and cyber safety programmes. Those schools connected to the Network for Learning (N4L) managed network are offered content filtering and firewall services as a core part of their N4L package.  

The Connect Smart for Business: SME Toolkit is also relevant for schools and provides more detailed information on cyber security.

A step by step guide to cyber safety for schools from Netsafe

  • Step 1. Identify your starting point
  • Step 2. Build a secure foundation
  • Step 3. Build capability
  • Step 4. Actively involve the whole school community
  • Step 5. Focus on classroom programmes
  • Step 6. Share & foster discussion
  • Step 7. Think strategically & long-term

Check out the The Kit - Netsafe's guide for schools to learn more about these steps.