Resources for Schools

There are some great resources available if you wish to find out more about cyber security and the steps that you can take to protect your school and students online.


NetSafe has a range of online resources for students and schools including:

  • Kit for Schools - a seven stage kit outlining practical steps to support cybersafe schools and digital citizens.
  • Learn: Guide: Protect – a student-centred framework to help promote a culture of responsible, safe use of digital technologies.
  • OWLS: Wise words on privacy helps students manage their personal information, while also providing ways for students and teachers to involve families and communities in a conversation about online safety; and other practical advice for schools on cyber security practices.

Ministry of Education

The ongoing changes in technology and the way it is used mean all staff, students, and the wider community need to know how to model responsible behaviours as successful digital citizens in real-world contexts. The Ministry of Education's resources on digital citizenship provide an excellent starting point for discussions among your own staff and students.

Department of Internal Affairs

Traditionally, online services have been oriented towards adults, but that's changing. The majority of schools are now online and in many homes children are logging on to commercial services, private bulletin boards and the internet. The Department of Internal Affairs' guide on child safety online presents some guidelines for children, and their parents, for staying safe online.

Stay Smart Online

Part of the Australian government's online safety and security awareness initiative StaySmartOnline, the Budd:e cyber security education package provides interactive learning modules for primary and secondary schools. 

Cyber Streetwise

The UK government's Cyber Streetwise campaign includes resources designed for secondary schools on internet safety.

Other non-government organisations

There are a number of international non-government websites providing advice and promoting safety online for children, schools and teachers. These include: