A further chance to contribute to the Cyber Security Strategy refresh

We need your input.

The National Cyber Policy Office has developed a strawman Cyber Security Strategy. We invite Connect Smart partners and members of the public to give us feedback on the strawman strategy.

A copy of the strawman Cyber Security Strategy can be found here

The strawman is the result of feedback on New Zealand’s cyber security settings from earlier public workshops and stakeholder engagement. You can see the outputs from the workshops here.  

The vision in the strawman strategy is to make New Zealand secure and confident in a digital world. It has four values that reflect what is important for building the online environment New Zealand needs:

  • Partnerships are Essential
  •  People are secure online
  • Economic growth is enabled
  •  National security is upheld

The strawman strategy includes six priority areas. These priority areas reflect what we have heard through our outreach and engagement about where we need to collectively intensify our efforts

  • Cyber security aware and active citizens
  • Strong and capable cyber security workforce
  • Resilient and responsive NZ
  • Internationally active
  • Proactively tackle cybercrime
  • Adapt and challenge

To help collate the feedback, we have produced a feedback worksheet that can be found here. If you want to contribute, please download the worksheet, put down your views, and email it to connectsmart@dpmc.govt.nz.

The NCPO will also be holding discussion sessions during the week of 27 August in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Click here to find out more

The National Cyber Policy Office