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    Welcome to Connect Smart!

    Our site is designed to help you protect yourself online, whether you're a home user, a business or a school. Take a look around...

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    Business User?

    Learn more about four simple steps that will help protect your business online...

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    Home User?

    Check out our resources for home users to find out how you can protect yourself online...

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    How cyber secure is your business?

    Take our five minute questionnaire and find out basic steps to improve the cyber security of your business...

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Connect Smart is a partnership that promotes ways for individuals, businesses and schools to protect themselves online. All New Zealanders will benefit if we can unlock the potential of the internet by using it in a safe and secure way. Learn to Conn... About

More about cyber security

There are a number of government agencies and other organisations committed to helping New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses protect themselves online. Visit these sites to learn more about cyber security in New Zealand and the steps you can take... More about cyber security