Government's Cyber Security Strategy

The 2015 Cyber Security Strategy signals the government’s commitment to ensuring New Zealand is secure, resilient and prosperous online.

New Zealand's Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan (2015) recognises that the threat to New Zealanders and the New Zealand economy from cyber intrusions is real and growing. The National Plan to Address Cybercrime outlines the Government's response to cybercrime. The Strategy is also avaliable in a condensed two page Summary document.

The Cyber Security Strategy has four intersecting goals

Cyber Security Strategy Diagram

The Strategy is underpinned by four principles:

  1. Partnerships are essential
  2. Economic growth is enabled
  3. National security is upheld
  4. Human rights are protected online

The Cyber Security Strategy is accompanied by a living Action Plan. This Plan will evolve to keep pace with technology developments and the emergence of new threats. New actions may be added, and existing actions amended. 

Improving cyber security is a shared responsibility. In developing the Strategy, the government sought input from a wide range of stakeholders across government, industry, non-government organisations and academia.

The National Cyber Policy Office has worked with government agencies and Connect Smart public-private partners to produce the first Annual Report on progress with the implementation of the Action Plan.