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11 August 2015

Risk Rendezvous 2015

Risk Rendezvous2

The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance host Risk Rendezvous 15, Changing Marketing Dynamics.

Paul Ash, Director, NCPO will be speaking on “Cybersecurity Issues and the New Zealand Response."

Connect Smart | 30 July 2015

Cyber security awareness improving but still a way to go

Colmar Brunton report image

New research from Colmar Brunton shows that Kiwis are becoming more aware of the importance of cyber security in their lives but still aren’t taking enough proactive steps to protect themselves online.

30 July 2015

Cyber security made simple – ASB

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ASB are a Platinum Partner of Connect Smart and are dedicated in helping support the Connect Smart community improve their digital security. ASB believe by helping people protect themselves, their family, business and customers, we can reduce the number of security breaches.

08 July 2015

Magna Carta 800: Magna Carta online - security and privacy in the digital age

Magna Carta event digital banner

Last September, Tim Berners-Lee, the ‘Inventor of the Internet’, said that the world needs an online ‘Magna Carta’. How can the history and principles of Magna Carta inform contemporary debates over digital privacy and security?

Adrian van Hest, Partner, PwC | 02 July 2015

Essential elements to manage a cyber incident

ADRIAN V. 9654

“It won’t happen to me”, continues to be the assumption of many New Zealand organisations when it comes to cyber security. This myth continues to linger and is the primary reason why many organisations have only implemented the bare minimum when it comes to security controls and stuck with a ‘preven

02 July 2015

Connect Smart Week Events

Launch 3

Connect Smart week 2015 kicked off at Parliament in the Banquet Hall for our launch event. Over 140 attendees turned up to the event at Parliament, launched by Hon Christopher Finlayson, (standing in for Hon Amy Adams) and Paul Ash, Director of the National Cyber Policy Office,

30 June 2015

The cyber security challenge: is your organisation prepared?

kestrel group

Our very own Paul Ash will be presenting alongside Karen Stephens of the Kestrel Group about the constantly evolving cyber security challenge, what the government is doing about it and what you can do to protect your business.

25 June 2015

Deloitte Directors’ Forum

Person 1 head2

Paul Ash is the keynote speaker for the Deloitte Directors’ Forum on cybercrime being held in Auckland. Now more than ever, the internet is an integral tool for New Zealand organisations, embedded into almost every aspect of operations.

Connect Smart | 22 June 2015

Connect Smart week promoting cyber security made simple

Connect Smart logo

Media Release: As Connect Smart week kicks off today, Kiwis are reminded to take simple steps to keep themselves secure online. The second annual Connect Smart Week was launched today at Parliament by Hon Christopher Finlayson, on behalf of Hon Amy Adams, Minister of Communications

22 June 2015

Connect Smart Week 2015 Launch Event

digital converts2

This year's Connect Smart Week has a theme of Making Cyber Security Simple and a target audience of SMEs.

With a new range of resources and events planned, the team at Connect Smart are looking forward to launching this year's Week and the follow-on activities.

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